And... AcTIOn!

Your mission, "should you choose to accept it":

Locked in the themed room of your choice…

In a team of 4 to 6 players…

60 minutes to solve a series of puzzles and fulfill dramatic challenges.  

Ingenuity, cooperation and speed are your only assets…

Ready to take up the challenge?

Get your ticket for the simulation of your choice.

Train yourself mentally.

(Sudoku or Martini, depending on your style!)

And make your way to the “Morpheus Cinema” on the selected time and date.

Our team will take care of the rest.

MESSAGE OF public interest

The Premier of Quebec, François Legault, has just announced this Sunday, March 15, 2020, a new decree to fight the spread of the COVID-19 virus.


The Missions Morpheus escape game supports the Quebec government's decision to take the means to control the risk of spreading the virus and to protect its population.


We have the regrets to inform you that all activities are suspended until further notice.


The health and safety of the players as well as that of the employees is a priority for us. 


Thank you for your understanding,

Hope to see you very soon !!!


 An activity for all !


The Morpheus Missions escape games are geared to the young aged 15 to 99…

On a date, or with family, friends, colleagues, teammates or neighbours, this is an unforgettable opportunity to have fun and challenge your selves.

No gymnastics or strenuous physical activity. No knowledge of cinema required.

Whether you are a beginner, specialist or a bit masochistic doesn’t matter because you get to choose your difficulty level before the mission.

Beginner: You get 7 clues.

Advanced: We will give you 4 clues.

Expert: You think you’re clever… Very well: 1 clue!

 The Morpheus Mission motto

For us immersive adventure begins long before entering the room…

Faced with the meteoric rise of the Army of TAFGETHNTOATWGBITCAN (the Armed Forces Group For Evil That Has Not Thought Of An Acronym They Would Go By If They Chose A Name!), the UN has decided to create an elite international unit capable of opposing them.

To accomplish this, it created the Module for the Optimal Recruitment of Prodigious and Highly Enthusiastic Undercover Specialists (M.O.R.P.H.E.U.S.), charged with identifying and training the best spies and agents, using a system of mission simulations based on the great mysteries of history.

 The cinematographic touch

Since this is a top secret program, the Centre cannot make its presence public. It therefore dissimulates its activities behind the quiet façade of a neighbourhood cinema and, master in the art of camouflage, places each of its simulations within the universe of a famous director.

Missions morpheus is above all:

  • A warm welcome

  • Quality scripts and set designs

  • High-tech equipment

  • Varied puzzles and challenges

  • An outing… up to any challenge!

questions ? 

Check out our F.A.Q page.


Missions Morpheus

The best escape game in Montreal

6963 St-Hubert plaza

(corner of Bélanger)


H2S 2N1


Opening hours:

Thursday- Friday 

4:30 pm -0:00 Am


10:00 AM  - 0:30 Am 


10:00 Am - 8:00 PM

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reservations possibles outside

opening hours for group  

of 12 and more 

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  • 5 min from Jean-Talon Station

  • 10 Min from Beaubien station

  • ease of parking

near by


  • Yisst: 901 rue St-Zotique e. (400 M.)

  • le vestiaire: 6634 rue St-hubert (450 m.)

  • nacho libre: 913 rue beaubien e. (750 M.)


  • la récolte: 764 rue bélanger e. (96 m.)

  • zéro 8: 1141 rue bélanger e. (350 m.)

  • brïz: 6950 rue St-denis (350 m.)

  • superqualité: 1211 rue bélanger e. (400 m.)

  • santa barbara: 6696 rue st-vallier (550 m.)

  • Café Beaufort: 414 Rue St-Zotique e. (600 m.)

  • isle de garde: 1039 rue beaubien e. (850 M.)

  • montréal Plaza: 6230 Rue St-hubert (900 M.)


  • la miche dorée: 937 rue bélanger e. (130 m.)

  • senthé: 6547 rue st-hubert (600 m.)

  • caffelini: 758 rue beaubien e. (750 m.)

  • candide café: 6293 rue st-huberT (850 M.)