Babel: la enigmo definitiva

Inspired by alejandro Jodorowsky's universe

Tone: fanciful, imaginative


NB of players: 4 to 6

June 2014. Nuclear threat is in the air. Tension between countries is at its peek and sinister rumours are suggesting the worst…

Unable to make the leaders listen to reason, the Secretary-General of the United Nations is ready to consider all options. Among them, the imminent archeologist who claims to have restored the vestiges of the Tower of Babel and who maintains that its visionary society had found the secret to bringing all people together. An elite unit is dispatched at once: yours.


M.O.R.P.H.E.U.S knows that arms merchants have got wind of the mission and will do anything to see it fail: the site will soon be bombed.


You have one hour… to restore peace in the world. The future of the planet depends on it.

Bloody mary: last call

Inspired by tim burton's universe

Tone: fanciful, imaginative


NB of players: 4 to 6

Transylvania, 2026. Humans and vampires have been cohabitating for centuries now: the former occupy the day and the latter, the night. However, over the course of the last month, many witnesses claim to have seen vampires wandering about… in broad daylight. If true, the human race would be in grave danger. Agent 004 was dispatched to the “Rhesus Lounge”, a well-known vampire bar, to investigate. But she has not been heard of since…

Your team inherits the file. You go to the Rhesus. In plain clothes, you sip on a “zombie” while observing the fauna… until you feel your eyelids grow heavy and… Blackout. When you awaken, to your horror, you discover that you are hand-cuffed in the lounge’s cold room…

You have 1 hour until the owner returns, to gather as much information as possible and escape.

1 hour only. Otherwise… Lights out, this will be your last call.

DOMINATION: IN god we trust

Inspired by David Cronenberg's universe

tone: suspense, noir, fantasy


NB of players: 4 to 6


April 18, 2024.


Alejandro Florez, age 32, son of a Peruvian Embassy delegate, has been reported missing for the past 3 weeks. Surveillance cameras, however, detected him 4 days ago in front of an abandoned warehouse in the north of the city, where he seems to be living free. The police can do nothing in this matter, since there is no law to prevent a man from disappearing. The State department has therefore requested a discreet intervention.


The man has been placed under surveillance: he seems to only go out to run errands. During his next outing, an agent will be charged with creating a diversion.


You have one hour… to enter the premises and shed some light on this matter. 

  * Warning: Strobe light in this room 

Atlantis: 90 S, 0 E

Inspired by Stanley kubrick's universe

Tone: science-fiction


NB of players: 4 to 6

April 2050.

Global warming has caused a large crack to open in the ice of the Antarctic. A team of paleontologists charged with collecting samples on-site has found a strange futuristic building in the depths of the crack. The ancient Greek writings found on its façade and carbon dating suggest the unimaginable: could this be a pavillion… from the mythical city of Atlantis? 


In spite of all the precautions that were taken, vibrations from the machines used to open the main door have caused a wall to collapse. The precarious balance of the ice has been disturbed. All will be buried in the next 6 hours, maybe less.


You have one hour to solve the mystery of this enigmatic structure. 

Apocalypse Tempus fugit

Inspired by Terry gilliam's universe

Tone: fanciful, imaginative


NB of players: 4 to 6

Paris, November 19, 2022: The French security services arrested a man who was trying to break into the Élysée to speak urgently to the president. The man claims to come from the future and said that terrorists, who left on November 19, traveled in time until 2522, to detonate a bomb triggering the Apocalypse.


Interpol is formal, the man is not listed anywhere. But what is even stranger is that an intrusion was reported at the same time in the old workshop of Sebastian Trithemus, an inventor and scientist of the Middle Ages, who claimed to have made a machine to go back in time. According to the cameras, a group of individuals has broken in... and has never come  out.


Your team is asked to shed light on this case.


Tempus fugit ... Time is running out. It may be a matter of saving the future of humanity.